How to Double your Blogging Efficiency

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Friday, August 15th, 2008
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Image by sanja gjenero from Stock.xchngThere are many different ways to blog. Some of them are successful and other are just not so. Efficiency is a key aspect of successful blogging. With these simple techniques, you can expect your blogging to take less time and make more money.

Make a List of Future Post Topics

I often have periods in which I have huge amounts of ideas that I want to post about, but no time to actually write them. Other times, I really have no idea what to do. A method that I’ve come up with to balance out this imbalance of ideas is to make a list of topics, or titles for future posts. Of course, sometimes this isn’t necessary if your mind is bubbling with ideas 24/7. For some reason, I don’t think that many of you are like this.

There are a few ways to create a list of future post topics, but for me, prefer writing it on paper. I often carry a notebook around me to many places. These places usually give me some inspiration for topics to write about. I made a page devoted to write down the ideas I get from inspiration, and turned it into a sort of check list. When I write a post that comes from the list, I check it off. If you’re around a computer most of the day, then you can make a simple text document with your ideas. Just make sure that you can access it easily.

Write Posts Ahead of Time

This method of mine has become very useful. There are often days, like I mentioned earlier, when I have great ideas to write posts. Don’t just limit yourself to writing one post per day. Write more, but release them later. For example, on this blog, I release 1-2 posts every day consistently. However, I don’t write my posts right before I publish them, unless I have important news to talk about. That would cause inconsistency, which is never fun. I write one or more of them the night before and then I publish them on different days. This way, when those unpredictable circumstances when you can’t write occur, you’re prepared. I’m actually going on vacation pretty soon (I won’t announce it officially when I do). But, I’ll be releasing posts every day even though I won’t have access to a computer. It’s very useful.

Write on Paper, then Type it Up

Writing your articles down on paper before typing them up gives you a few benefits. First of all, your computer can’t distract you as you write. Sure, you can try to stop all of the distractions and close all your other windows and programs, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a computer. They were made simply for the purpose of turning you away from your work.

Another benefit of writing first is that it forces you to proofread your posts. Unless you’re high off drugs when you type up your post, you will find mistakes and you will fix them.



Oooh, good call with the list of post titles. I’m with you on the notebook, I’ve been sent to some pretty dull courses/presentations recently and returned with a game idea or a blog post nicely formed.

Mr Sun:

Yeah, my notebook is my most important blogging tool :)


I’ll have to utilize mine much more, bring on college and some dull lessons!

(although I’m not sure that’s possible when you’re taking -game design- among other things!)