A Strange Bunch of Traffic from Stumble Upon

Written By MrSun at 9:03 pm - Monday, August 04th, 2008
Categories: News

Today, I looked at my WordPress Stats and noticed something very strange. The most visited post for today was my Link Post Sunday 08/03. Here’s the proof:




I’m a bit confused on how this happened. I really doubt that my post that linked to other posted really became that popular… Any ideas?

I found out what happened. One of the people who I linked to in that post decided to stumble it in order to get his website some hits as well. Quite Clever



Maybe install Google Analytics if you haven’t already. That way you can see exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Mr Sun:

Yeah, I have Google Analytics. I looked at the traffic sources for the page and I got 92 page views and 58 unique visitors from Stumble Upon. What confuses me is how that page became so popular. It’s just a bunch of links that I found around the internet.