50 Ways to Make Us HATE Your Web Design

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Monday, August 25th, 2008
Categories: Web Design

  1. Make the text way too small (under 10px)
  2. Make everything a really bright color
  3. Make everything a really dark color
  4. Have an awful color scheme
  5. Don’t optimize the images
  6. Add flash animations everywhere
  7. Add background music
  8. Don’t make anchor tags look different from regular text
  9. Make it all aligned in a weird way
  10. Make the main navigation unfindable
  11. Don’t separate any sections from each other
  12. Make all of the pages look totally different from each other
  13. Have text everywhere
  14. Don’t put in any white space
  15. Don’t put in an obvious navigation bar
  16. Keep out a search form
  17. Don’t give us any indication of where we are on the site
  18. If you have tabs, don’t make them act like so
  19. Make a totally bizarre layout
  20. Don’t let us re-size the text
  21. Let large images overflow their container and mess up the entire design
  22. Don’t have a place to put the website logo
  23. Have background images that really stand out
  24. Use drop-down lists for navigation
  25. Don’t test it out in different browsers
  26. Use tables to lay out your design
  27. Use multiple colors for the same type of object
  28. Don’t make it obvious what we can click on
  29. Don’t make headers stand out even just a little bit
  30. Make it really complicated
  31. Make it too wide (unless it’s a liquid layout)
  32. Make it too skinny (unless it’s a liquid layout)
  33. Mess around with the cursor’s appearance
  34. Use CSS that isn’t compatible with most browsers without any alternates
  35. Make it take a long time to load, even on fast internet connections
  36. Put important stuff below the fold
  37. Don’t make it accessible
  38. Don’t add hover effects to links
  39. Have a bunch of fixed images/sections
  40. Have images that aren’t relevant to anything
  41. Over-complicate any aspect
  42. Over-simplify any aspect
  43. Make it for a crazy font that nobody has
  44. Use repeating patterns that are commonly used
  45. Make it boring
  46. Use really thick borders
  47. Don’t add in common sections like a header or footer
  48. Keep out any personality
  49. Make it unbalanced
  50. Don’t be creative

Though breaking one or two of these rules won’t really affect your design’s appeal, more faults will make it really easy to hate. Of course, the most creative designs break almost all of these rules

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The more time that is spent dissecting, analyzing, and critiquing a design by the wrong kinds of people the worse that design gets. The same trend applies to the number of people involved in the design process.
Thx a lot for infomation!