4 Reasons Why All Flash Game Developers Should Learn PHP

Written By MrSun at 1:59 pm - Monday, March 02nd, 2009
Categories: Flash

As a person, it is always to important to explore all areas of a subject. That is why, as a flash game developer, you must extend your knowledge to all corners of code. The most relevant programming language to ActionScript, as you may have already guessed, is PHP. Here are some reasons why you must educate yourself in this language.

1. The Syntax is Very Similar to ActionScript

PHP has very similar syntax rules to ActionScript. This will help you both in learning PHP, and in improving your knowledge in AS2 or AS3. I actually learned both languages at around the same time, and almost everything I learned in one subject could be applied to the other. For example, when I learned that you could shorthand additive actions in PHP with a “++” or “+=”, I instantly figured out that you could do the same with ActionScript. As a beginner, it’ll help you very much.

But, of course, not everybody is a beginner at coding. There are still some many other reasons to learn PHP, like…

2. PHP is Used Everywhere

Let’s face it, almost every website out there runs on PHP. We cannot change this, so we must change our knowledge to be a part of the many people who use PHP. Some examples of popular uses of PHP are:

  • Content Manage Systems
  • Browser-Based Games
  • Online Applications
  • Blogs

Most likely, one of these is going to applicable to what you’re going to do in flash.

3. PHP Can be Used Hand-in-Hand with Flash

Out of all the programming and scripting languages in the world, the best match for flash is PHP. They are meant to be together, like husband and wife. There are many ways that Flash and PHP can be used together. Here’s a list of ways they can be used:

  • High Scores
  • Account Systems
  • Dynamic Flash Sites
  • Image Galleries

4. It’s Very Easy to Learn PHP

Due to PHP’s popularity, thousands of tutorials have popped up all over the web to teach you how to code it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at learning code. Because there are so many tutorials out there, you’ll definitely find one that works for you. Here are a bunch of tutorials that I suggest: