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Written By MrSun at 11:03 am - Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Categories: Flash

Hey guys. I’m sorry for my lack of posts for the past few months. I’ve been extremely lazy busy all year. But, I have some news that might cheer you up. I am happy to announce that I’ve created a new site solely for the purpose of posting my flash tutorials. The site is called Flash Game Tuts. I’ve posted all of the tutorials from this site over there so you can check them out! I’ll keep all of the tutorials on Mr Sun Studios just in case you still need them, however. But, I’m planning to release a few more tutorials only on Flash Game Tuts, so stay tuned.

Also, I need some ideas for my next set of tutorials! Feel free to post here some suggestions of types of games you want to make. I’d greatly appreciate it!


Raphael Aleixo:

Hi, Mr.Sun.
I am Raphael Aleixo, from Brazil. I am a great fan of your blog and tutorials, and I’m glad with this new website. Thanks a lot for all this effort, and I’ll try to tell people around here about it.

About new tutorials, I would like to understand a little bit better about randomizing cards, and how to make a simple card game. And if it could be on AS2.0 it would be even better. 🙂

Chris Bull:

Hi, First of, congrats on the new site! is there an rss feed for the new site or not?
Also – New tutorials, i think everyone would benifet from a series in making either a game like boxhead wars, or death vs monstars, both would have a lot to teach ppl. As to the post above this,,, Dude its time to move on from as2, as3 is what you should use.
Many THanks


Great idea, Mr. Sun!

Reda K.:

Hello Mr. Sun.
Great Idea! And Thanks For all the Tuts That You Give.
About New Tuts, i Would Be Happy To Learn How To Do a Sniping Game (Like Sniper Assassin) And Making Side Scrolling Shooting Games(Like Penguinz)
Thank you a Lot Mr. Sun!


The new site looks great!
as far as ideas for tutorials, I know doing a full fledged RPG would probably be too much, but covering some RPG gameplay elements, such as leveling, keeping an inventory, etc. would be interesting.

Also, covering some more general topics would be interesting as well. for example, how to make a preloader, how to have a game with multiple levels, making a menu screen, having various difficulty levels, etc. Perhaps you could expand on some of the previous projects you have done.

Dominick D:

Hey Mr.Sun

First off. Great site I think your tutorials are really great and very detailed. God job! I am an AS3 programmer and have been searching for any help on LINE RIDER type games. Preferably a Dirt Bike game capable of riding along movieclips and using physics to simulate jumping. I think that would be a great tutorial Hint Hint.

Thanks for all your help.



I agree with Chris Bull on AS3. If you have flash CS3 or higher there is no reason to still use as2.
But, like Ralph said a card game would be nice.
Let there be room for user-generated tutorials on you site.


Hi, i like your tutorials, they’re very well explained!
i would like to see a tutorial about
the basic elements in a mini-golf game
(basic hit, collisions, obstacles, etc)
regards and good luck!!


Love your site, extremely useful tutorials as well! Maybe you could do a mini-rpg 🙂 Or something where two or more clients can meet and play – preferably using SmartFox as the server! Thanks again!


Can you make an RPG game, and can you also make VIDEO tutorials to it aswell please! So confused!

Arwin Margallo:

Hi! Mr. Sun, i am very glad i found your site. i’ve been looking for this kind of tutorial for past 2 months. Please post a tutorial on saving and loading a game. thanks a lot. Please contact me after you post it. thanks.