50 Ways to Make Us LOVE Your Flash Game

Written By MrSun at 8:34 am - Friday, August 01st, 2008
Categories: Flash

Image by Flávio Takemoto

  1. Make it funny
  2. Give it an intriguing title
  3. Make an interesting storyline
  4. Let us customize our experience
  5. If it’s hard or confusing, make a walkthrough for us
  6. If it’s complicated, write some good documentation
  7. Keep track of all our statistics so we can see how well we’re doing
  8. Add Easter Eggs (If you do, tell us so we can look for them)
  9. Add an awards system
  10. Give your game some personality
  11. Have different difficulty levels
  12. Keep It Simple, Stupid!
  13. Give us unlimited possiblities
  14. Base it off of a current event (like the election)
  15. Give us clear instructions
  16. Make menu navigation easy and simple
  17. Don’t put ads anywhere
  18. Give us tips
  19. Have a great soundtrack
  20. Make great art, but not too detailed
  21. Make the gameplay fast paced
  22. Increase difficulty as we go along at a realistic rate
  23. Keep it original
  24. Make it unpredictable
  25. Keep us on the edge of our seats
  26. Add a personal touch to it
  27. Continually update it after its release
  28. Don’t make it too easy or too hard
  29. Give it a reasonable frame rate (20-30 fps)
  30. Make it multiplayer
  31. Give us a clear description of the game
  32. Add a crazy twist
  33. Have a nice color scheme
  34. We love making fun of famous people
  35. Implement high score API’s as much as possible
  36. Add alternate controls if possible
  37. Make a “Fun Level” without limitations or restrictions
  38. Create lively animations
  39. Don’t worry about how realistic it is, as long as it’s fun
  40. If we lose, make it easy to restart
  41. Make it addictive
  42. Get it sponsored. If a sponsor likes it, then other people will like it
  43. Leave us craving for more
  44. Keep everything consistent (art, difficulties, storyline, etc)
  45. Keep it polished
  46. Give us an incentive to leave positive responses
  47. Optimize your code
  48. Compress your music
  49. Understand how we think
  50. Make it good

I know that this list has many vague, contradictory, and repetitive points. But, that’s just how the opinions of gamers are like. No one thing will satisfy us.


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