6 Reasons Why People Play Flash Games

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Sunday, August 03rd, 2008
Categories: Flash

The Technical Reasons

  1. They’re Free
    The main reason why people play flash games over better-developed industrial games is that they’re free. The only downside for the players is that advertisements are what make them free, which isn’t too bad of a downside depending on the person. This is why I strongly discourage making premium versions of flash games that cost money. They aren’t free anymore, and many people would reather buy a great console game at the same price.
  2. They’re Easily Accessible
    This is another key reason that people play flash games. You can’t really lug your Xbox 360 everywhere you go. But, there are many computers or laptops that are accessible in many places with internet connection.
  3. They Have Low System Requirements
    This kind of fitst into the accessible point, but I’ll make it its own bullet. Not everybody has an amazingly fast computer. That’s why flash games are a good choice for them to place. They rarely exceed 10MB in size and rarely require that great of a computer.

The Mental Reasons

  1. To Relax and Reduce Stress
    There’s a reason why another game for most flash games is casual games. They don’t stress you out, as some console games do. There are millions if not billions of stressed out people in the world. Flash games are a way to escape from it all.
  2. They’d Rather Play Games than Something Else
    I can’t count the number of times I see somebody playing a flash game when they’re supposed to be working. I’ll bet that if you work in front of a computer most of the day, you probably are guilty of this too. Don’t worry, it makes us game developers happier. 🙂
  3. Communities are Formed Around Them
    If you’ve ever been a user at Kongregate or Newgrounds, then you should know what I’m talking about. Their communities are huge. Just visit the Newgrounds forum and you’ll see. Everybody likes to interact with other people, and flash games can help connect them.