Getting your Flash Game More Traffic

Written By MrSun at 1:23 pm - Saturday, July 26th, 2008
Categories: Flash

So you’ve created a great flash game, and want to get as many people to see it as possible. Where do you begin? Hopefully, this post will give you an idea.

Why Would you want your Game to get More Traffic?

  1. Money
    Usually, the primary objective of a game developer is to make as much money as they can. Web hits account for most if not all of the money that a flash game makes, whether it be from your personal site, your sponsor, or from in-game ads like Mochiads or Game Jacket
  2. Feedback
    The more views that your game gets, the more useful feedback you will get. Although 95% of the comments on your game will either be something as useless as “Wow that was a great game” or “Wow that was a terrible game” (with more or less words), the other 5% can be very enlightening. They can help you develop your next game. I know they’ve helped me.
  3. Reputation
    Online reputation is a great thing. If you have a reputation for making great, popular games, your future games will naturally be liked more by the public. It’s a psychology thing. The great part about this is that even if you make terrible games in the beginning, your reputation will not be tarnished. Very few people will remember your game if it’s bad (another psychology thing).

Getting More Traffic

I think we’ve talked enough about why you should get more views. Now, lets move onto the how.

  1. If you’re Gonna get it Sponsored, get a Primary License
    Of course, this isn’t a mandatory step to get your game more views, but it can help. Regular sponsorships do not allow you to submit your game to other sites without their logo in it. Although this isn’t a problem when submitting to some sites, it decreases your chance of getting it featured, which often gets your game a lot of views. With primary licenses, however, after a certain time has passed, you can sell/distribute specialized versions of your game to those sites and have a higher chance of getting it featured
  2. Do NOT Site-Lock your Flash Game
    Although there are many security reasons for you to site-lock your flash game, none of them are really huge issues if you take the right steps (like encrypting your game). Why shouldn’t you site-lock your game? It’s simple. Free and easy distribution. Not site-locking your game allows other websites to post your games onto their sites. Your game could be on hundreds of online arcades without you having to touch your mouse. More sites always means more views.
  3. Use the Mochiads Distribution Service
    For getting even more sites to use your games, the Mochiads Distribution Service is here to help. All you have to do is sign up with their service and submit your game to them. They will do the rest. If accepted, your game will be put up onto a feed which is accessible to many web publishers (arcade site owners). The webmasters can easily post your game onto their site with the auto-post feature, giving them more reason to use your game.
  4. Submit your Game to Jay is Games
    Jay Is Games isn’t an arcade site, but it will definitely get your game more fans if they review it. Jay Is Games is a blog about casual games, and a very popular one at that (Under 10,000 Alexa Ranking). Getting your game reviewed by this blog will result in a considerable traffic boost for your game. I must warn you, however, your game has to be of pretty high quality to get on there.
  5. If your First Game is a Success, Make a Sequel
    If your flash game really becomes popular and gets a lot of page views, a sequel will always get as many if not more. Of course, your sequel should definitely have a lot more improvements from your first game. But, even if you make a terribly crappy sequel, it will get much more views than it deserves if you have an amazing original
  6. Digg your Game
    Digg is one of the largest social bookmarking sites out there, and a great website to get your flash game more views. However, Digging your flash game alone will not help you in your conquest for traffic, so you probably should encourage others to Digg your game. There are some games that have gotten tens of thousands of views from Digg alone.
  7. Make a Good Game
    Yes, I know, this point is obnoxiously obvious. But, I always like to end off my posts with obvious notes. But, it is a very true point. Your game will NEVER become popular if you do not put any effort into it, no matter how much you try to get traffic for it.