Learning the Basics of Game Development

Written By MrSun at 12:44 pm - Saturday, July 26th, 2008
Categories: Flash

The basics of game programming are easy to learn, but take years to master. It took, about a week for me to figure out the basics of game programming, but I myself am still learning. It is my task to help you learn the basics of game development.

Before we start programming a game, we need a program that will actually compile the game for us. A great program for beginning game programmers is Game Maker. It’s only for Windows, so I’m sorry for those Mac users. This is what I first used when making my first games. It requires no knowledge of code, but it builds solid base of the idea. These tutorials will help you get into the program. I wouldn’t suggest it to make profitable games, so don’t get stuck on it for too long.

I’m not going to make a step-by-step tutorial for you, but if you are smart enough, you can figure out the program yourself.

The program that I use to make my games is Adobe Flash CS3. Though it is very expensive, it is by far my favorite program for game development. You can get a much cheaper price off of it if you are a student at the Academic Superstore. It saves over 50%. Though this program is much harder to learn than Game Maker, it definitely is much more robust.

I know I’m probably not the best at explaining the basics of game development, so here are a few useful books that can explain it better than me: