Resources to Learn ActionScript for Beginners

Written By MrSun at 1:17 pm - Saturday, July 26th, 2008
Categories: Flash

When I first began to learn ActionScript, I had to try a variety of different sources before I found a few that I could understand and actually learn from. ActionScript was my first programming language, so I knew nothing about the basics. Here are a few of the resources I used to learn ActionScript for the very first time.

  1. contains hundred of great video tutorials for a variety of computer-related topics, from learning to use the Mac, to using Dreamweaver. However, the ones that taught me the most were the ones from the ActionScript series. They are great for any beginner who has little or no knowledge of programming. If you are a visual learner who wants to start ActionScript, this is a great resource for you. The only problem with it is that it isn’t free, there is a monthly subscription cost to their videos. But, I think it is definitely worth it. You can get a free 7 day trial period at this link
    kirupa is probably my absolute favorite free tutorial site. It contains a seemingly endless arsenal of flash tutorials that I’ve been using for quite some time now. Their topics range from tips for total beginners to in-depth tutorials for advanced developers. Anyone can be happy. Their forums are also great for asking and answering questions.
  3. Flash Kit
    Flash Kit I believe is the oldest and largest site devoted to flash tutorials and such. But, time has not worn down this great flash resource. Tutorials are added constantly and are mostly of high quality and very useful. The issue I have with it is the ugly design and confusing navigation. But, once you get used to those, learning ActionScript will be a snap
  4. DZone
    DZone is a great place to find links about anything developer-related. Hundreds of links are added daily by the community and you can vote on which ones are most useful or useless. I myself have had quite a few of my posts up there and I’ve been able to get some interesting feedback on my posts, which have helped me make better posts. You should definitely check it out
  5. I’ve noticed that this topic has been done by many blogger before, and they might be better at explaining it than me, so here are a few of their posts:

  6. Books are always a good way to learn: