Sell Your Game’s Source Code on Flash Den

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Friday, September 05th, 2008
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I’ve recently come accross a website called Flash Den. It’s basically a marketplace where you can either buy or sell flash stuff. You could buy or sell a variety of flash-related things, from components to preloaders. But right now, I want to focus on selling your game’s source code. I myself haven’t tried it out, but it seems like a simple process. The uploading process occurs all on one easy page, which doesn’t have too many forms to fill out. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are some instructions which tells you how to set up your files.

Now, let’s get to the subject. Would it be profitable if you sold your game’s source code on Flash Den? From what I’ve seen, it really depends. Not many games have been uploaded to the site for some obvious reasons. One is that the source code for most games can be sold exclusively to one person for a lot more than many sales that you can get on the site. Second, you can’t make the price, the staff sets it for you, which can be pretty disappointing if you are trying to earn a lot. Third, anyone can buy it, so you have to be sensitive with what kinds of games you are selling.

So, should you sell your game’s source code on Flash Den? In my opinion, you should do it only if you’ve created a game that is simple enough to be useful and doesn’t take too much time to create. You’d only earn from $1-$100 from each game, so you have to be careful with the amount of time and effort you put into the game. You should only create mini-games rather than full-fledged ones. It wouldn’t be worth it. Perhaps an even better idea would be to create games as practice, and sell them on Flash Den. It’s worth a try.

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I want to know if u sell one of your flash game with your source code