Why All Flash Game Developers NEED A Website

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Monday, August 11th, 2008
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Image by spekulator from stock.xchngThe internet has grown much since its creation in 1969. It is still growing rapidly today. As a flash game developer, you must grab a spot in this ocean of links if you want to have a better experience developing your flash game.

WHY Must You Create a Website?

When you release a flash game to the web, most people, especially sponsors, will want to know who created the game. Websites are a great way to tell them about yourself. Not only can you tell them who you are, you can also tell them what you’ve them. This is especially important if somebody wants to hire you to do a job, or if they want to check out your legitimacy. I’m sorry, but your Newgrounds profile isn’t enough to complete this task. Neither is your Myspace account.

WHAT Should You Put Into Your Site?

1. A Portfolio of your works

Only put what you want to be seen in there, even if there aren’t many. This means that more successful games that you’ve created.

2. Some Information About Yourself

Again, only put information that would be useful for a future employer to see. Don’t talk about your pets, family, or any other personal information, unless you find that it’s relevant to what you’re doing.

3. A Picture of Yourself (Optional)

This way, people can actually tell that you are indeed a person. However, if you are uncomfortable putting your picture up on the internet (like me), then it’s no problem.

4. A Blog

Blogs are great things. Most flash game developers who create a blog turn it into a news section, to update their fans about their future games. I’m not part of this “most”.

How Do You Get a Website

I’m guessing that many of you who don’t have a website aren’t too sure on how to get one. There are many free web hosting providers, but I don’t recommend them for a portfolio site. They compromise the integrity of your work. Of course, if you’re a teenage developer who doesn’t want t pay money for hosting, then they could be a good start. But, you’d have to migrate to a paid host sooner a later.

In order to get a web host and a domain name, you’re going to have to find a suitable host, depending on how much traffic you expect your new site to get. Most of the time, shared hosting is a good and cheap choice ($4-$10 a month). Here are 2 hosting companies that I recommend.

They boast “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, but do not be fooled by that. If your site gets too much traffic (over 5000-10000 visitors a day), then, then server might crash depending on how optimized your web pages are. But, you probably don’t have to worry about that unless you make amazing flash games. I don’t have that problem. Here is a list of other shared hosting plans:

Here is a directory of a bunch more hosts.

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