The Alphabet Eater





I agree with 2slash2, it is Addictive.
I’m surprised it didn’t get sponsored. Maybe its because ‘Letter games’ just don’t appeal to most people. I expect if it was shapes it would be more sponsorable. Maybe


Wow, this game is really great.


hey this game is so sick, im making my own game that is somewhat like this.
your a green ball and your guy follows the mouse and you dodge red blocks and blue blocks are nutral and nothing happens when you touch them and then a star appears on screen and if u get it then your score is timesed by 1.5. and im having a bit of trouble with the random shapes appearing on screen. if you could send me the code for this or send some basic code for random shapes appearing that would be awesome! i have 21 different shapes that could appear.
very awesome game!!!!

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