5 Ways to Make a Popular Clone

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
Categories: Flash

We all know that clones are just copies of other games. But, it is possible to make one popular, even if it isn’t totally original. Just use these tips and maybe your game will be well-received.

1. Base It Off of a Current Event

I cannot count how many game clones are based on current events, like the war on Iraq, or George Bush. But, for some reason, these games stick and are played quite a bit (even if it’s a terrible game), at least until the even becomes irrelevant. Of course, don’t take too long when making like this, or else it might not be current anymore.

2. Change the Perspective Around

A great game that does this is Asteroids Revenge III by Adam Schroeder. In this game, instead of being the spaceship and shooting the asteroids down, you are now the asteroid, trying to destroy all of the spaceships. This type of thinking can be applied to many other classic games. Why not make a game where you are trying to save the bricks from being broken, other than trying to break them with a ball (a twist on arkanoid).

3. Add an Interesting Graphic Effect

This method isn’t as easy to accomplish in Flash due to a few restrictions, but it is still possible. For example, you can take a classic game and make it 3d. Or maybe, you could replace the boring old pixelated-rectangle look with everyday objects or not-usually-everyday objects. It doesn’t have to be too crazy.

4. Dramatize the Entire Game

Everybody likes watching movies. Why not make your game a cinematic experience? Using Pong as an example, you can make a storyline unfold like this:

It was a dark and scary night when a strange man entered The Lazy Inn. In one hand, he carried a block of wood, in the other, a bright blue ball…

Use your imagination.

5. Add Innovative or New Features

This method is often used by larger industrial-size games when they make like Pong for the Xbox 360. A level system and an award system are often used in this technique as well.



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