The 25-Line ActionScript Contest

Written By MrSun at 7:55 am - Wednesday, September 03rd, 2008
Categories: Flash

Keith Peters has recently announced on his blog a new contest that’s being held, the 25-Line ActionScript Contest! It is being held as soon as the next version of Flash, CS4, is released.

As you may not be able to guess, the goal of this contest is to make the best possible Flash application using only 25 lines of code. Sounds pretty intense, right? But, what kind of prize does the winner receive, you ask? Well, the contest, sponsored by Adobe, is going to give a new Adobe Suite CS4 to whoever can make the best code. Here’s their announcement about it. They aren’t only going to give it out to just one winner. No, they are going to have a monthly winner who receives this great prize.

But of course, there are rules to the contest. You can’t simply just place everything on one line of code. They’ve created an extensive set of rules (still in its draft phase) right over here.

You can read the entire announcement on the contest’s own site here.