The Disastrous Mistakes that Game Developers MUST Avoid – Part 2

Written By MrSun at 8:00 am - Tuesday, September 02nd, 2008
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A continuation of the post I made yesterday, hurrah! Here’s the description of yesterday’s post:

We, as people, all make mistakes. We, as game developers, make mistakes as well. Some of these mistakes are trivial and don’t bring upon us too much consequences. However, there are a few that we need to avoid with as much effort as possible, lest they turn our games into disasters.

Mistake #4: Creating a Great Concept but Not Following Through

It is rare when you come up with a great concept for your game. That is why you have to take advantage of your idea and make the best of it. Don’t just make an average game with a great concept. Make an amazing game with a great concept. Do all you can to expand your idea to make your finest work ever. But, don’t make the mistake that I talked about before by lingering too much on the game. That would also waste your idea away.

Mistake #5: Placing Copyrighted Music into the Game Without a License

Copyrighted music costs a lot of money. It costs even more if you add it to your game without permission from the creator. If you do this, expect a costly lawsuit and a scar on your life. This is probably the worst disaster that can come upon you. There are plenty of free sources of creative commons licensed music, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble getting around this problem.

Mistake #6: Underestimating the Success of the Game

It’s often very easy to believe that your game will turn out to be a very bad one. If you think that way, it almost always will become a pretty bad game. If you underestimate your game, you will find yourself trying to figure out reasons why you shouldn’t develop your game, or keeping your effort out of your game. You should never do this. Put as much effort as you can into your games, and you will always reap the benefits. If you don’t think your game is good enough, then continue to improve it until you approve.

Mistake #7: Make Stupid Mistakes

The final of the mistakes that a game developer can make is to make stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes are made by everyone, and gaem dveelopeers (yes, those typos were made on purpose) are no exception. To keep yourself from making these stupid mistakes, you have to double and triple check your code, and test your game as many times as you can. Think like a gamer.

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im mkaing a platform game right now using your tutorial. im not sure if its required or not, but just to be nice im putting you in the credits.