4 Great Forums for Flash Developers

Written By MrSun at 12:56 pm - Saturday, July 26th, 2008
Categories: Flash, Reviews

Flash forums are amazingly useful resources for me while I develop my flash games. The best part about them is that many of your problems are probably already answered in a forum, you just need to make a quick Google search and be enlightened. If your problems aren’t already answered, then you can simply post in the forums, but I find that this happens very rarely. Here is a list of my favorite forums.

  1. kirupaForum

    This forum is probably where I got most of my flash-related answers. Most of the time, I don’t even have to navigate to the site, I just Google my problem. It’s also a pretty popular forum for experts, so your questions will be answered quickly and probably explained to an extent that you didn’t quite expect. It also has forums for other programming and scripting languages like PHP and C++. I highly recommend this one.

  2. Actionscript.org Forums

    The actionscript.org forums are much more focused on Flash and Actionscript and therefore give out a lot more information about those topics. In my opinion, this is second behind kirupaForum, even though it seems to have more visitors. The website itself is also a great tool for flash developers, filled with tutorials and articles all about Flash.

  3. Newgrounds Flash Forum

    Although the forums at Newgrounds don’t the most professional or mature users, the Flash forum is still a useful place to go. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest asking the most complicated questions, but it is a great place for the newbies of flash. They also have an extensive list of flash tutorials on this page

  4. gotoAndLearn() Flash Forums

    gotoAndLearn.com’s forum is entirely devoted to talking about Flash. Although I haven’t visited this site too often, from what I’ve seen, the content is quite useful

My favorite forum may not be your favorite forum, so here is a list of some more (without the lil’ reviews):

  1. Flashkit Forums
  2. Webwasp.co.uk Forums
  3. Flash Devils
  4. Adobe Flash Support Forums
  5. Sitepoint Flash Forums


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